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You are only as strong as your weakest link

You are only as strong as your weakest link - Tecchies - IT Support Lancashire - IT Services & Telecoms

We often go on and on about educating your staff about IT related fraud and scam emails, but it really is the only way to keep your company safe.

An American IT security training company has recently been exposed to an email from a fraudster. Their financial controller received an email that was cleverly created to make it look like an internal email from their Chief Executive asking her to transfer almost $20,000 to an account as soon as possible. What is quite frightening is that the email had managed to bypass –

• The most advanced antivirus
• Firewalls.
• Spam filters on the workstation and the email server
• Two-Factor authentication
• Intrusion Detection and/or Intrusion Prevention
• Secure Web Applications
• Encryption of data at rest and in flight

The scam was only stopped in it tracks by the knowledge of the financial controller who had been trained to be aware of these situations. The company were able to obtain the scammers details and the incident has been reported to the FBI. However what is perhaps more frightening to know is that only 33% of people that receive emails like this actually spot that they are a scam and that another 33% of users actually transfer the funds.

We can’t quite stress enough the importance of making sure your team are trained to prevent these kind of attacks from occurring, after all could you afford to give away $20,000? We at Tecchies are here again to save the day, we can train your staff so that they are prepared for various kinds of phishing attacks and help you to reduce the likelihood of this happening to your business. Our security training is split in to 3 sections and includes us sending out test emails to your staff to identify which users are most vulnerable to these attacks and also regular checks after the training to keep them on their toes!

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