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Internet Connectivity

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Internet Connectivity for Business

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity provider? We provide a range of efficient internet connectivity solutions for a variety of business types throughout the UK.

Our options include ADSL, FTTC and leased lines however our experienced team listen to your requirements before making recommendations for the right connectivity solution for your business.

Reliable Business Connectivity

We understand that finding the right internet connectivity solution for your business can seem complex, however at Tecchies we aim to keep things simple. We keep the technical language to minimum and provide connectivity solutions that you can rely on.

We have years of experience in the connectivity industry, therefore we will talk you through our different options and find the right option for your business based on both budget and data requirements.


As telecoms and connectivity experts, we provide a range of internet connectivity options, including (but not limited to):


ADSL provides high quality and reliable connectivity through copper wires. One of the most common options, this connectivity solution is ideal for businesses that require reliable connection and speeds. ADSL is also readily available throughout the UK therefore making it an ideal solution for companies, no matter what their location is.


Utilising fibre optic and copper cables, FTTC provides speeds up to 40 times faster than traditional copper connections. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a reliable and cost-effective connectivity option for small to medium sized businesses.

FTTC is also ideal for businesses that utilise VoIP solutions due to the speeds and reliability of the connections.

Leased Lines

Leased lines provide direct connections between an office and a data centre, the line is essentially ‘leased’ by the company which in return dedicated connectivity is achieved. Leased lines are also used for internal connectivity between businesses and hardware, however in terms of internet connectivity it is an ideal solution for users with requirements for high levels of data and reliability.

Working with Tecchies

At Tecchies, we provide ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, combined with reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity solutions. Based in the North West, our experienced team have an extensive knowledge of how to maximise connectivity your businesses. We know the ins and outs so you don’t have to.

We take the time to fully understand how your business operates, and what your current internet connectivity solution may be lacking. Based on this consultancy we then provide a range of options that may suit your business and team.

We have ongoing relationships with our clients throughout our years in the industry, enabling us to work as part of their external team and provide solutions that can’t be matched by another provider.

If you would like to know more about our internet connectivity services, do not hesitate to get in touch. Simply call 0333 222 4022 or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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