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So what’s the recipe behind our I.T. technical support across Lancashire?

Tecchies, the leading company for I.T. business support in Lancashire like to look at our services in a different way. Take a detective-style problem solving approach to business I.T. combined with hardcore technical knowledge that most geeks can only dream of. Throw in a measure of business-savvy entrepreneurialism and you’re getting close to a Tecchie. Mix this with jargon-free, black and white language, a can-do helpful attitude and a slice of humour thrown in for good measure and you have a service that will truly make a difference. That’s exactly what comes with Tecchies and our incredible I.T. support services.


I.T. is in our DNA

To start, every Tecchie that works for our I.T. support services has the following statement surgically implanted into their DNA (no, this is not available on the NHS). “Good I.T. is an investment and saves you money. Bad I.T. costs you much more.” When we carry out our services of I.T. support we follow this statement religiously.


Strategic Planning

Secondly, our services are committed to providing independent and objective solutions – we offer a free, no-obligation business audit focused on your strategic goals (with the option to receive a written report for a small fee).

Finally, we work as a partner in the truest sense. However you choose to work with us, we’ll empower you to make informed decisions by linking I.T. requirements to the bottom line. Tecchies are focused on one thing, what’s right for your needs, not anyone else’s. This is why we’re the leading company for business computer support across the region.

Tecchies Key Team Members



Martin’s grey hairs (what’s left of them) make him the ‘wise old bird’ of the team, the visionary who sees ‘the big picture’, thinks the big thoughts and plans the solution, strategically. Martin’s experience comes from under the desks of I.T. users, server rooms and toolboxes and he has war stories galore about I.T. He’s seen most things and knows what works and what doesn’t. You’ll know him by his Sean Connery accent.



Graeme is the detail man; he’ll persevere until it’s right, no slapdash here and you’ll never hear him say ; “That’ll do”. Don’t be fooled by his quiet, unassuming ways, his waters run deep and so does his work. You’ll regularly find Graeme still hard at it after hours, testing his solution relentlessly to make sure it won’t let you down. Graeme hasn’t got much hair left either, it must be all that head-scratching he does…



John manages the back office at Tecchies - he looks after the money, schedules the work, purchases the stuff that’s needed to fettle your kit and quietly keeps an eye on your projects.

In fact, he does all the things that Martin and Graeme don’t like doing which gives them more time with you, looking after your I.T., without distractions.



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