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I.T. & Cyber Security Audit

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We can help protect against any vulnerabilities within your business and offer advice on best practices. Tecchies is approved Cyber Essentials certified. Please complete the short form to enquire about our free audit service.

Our specialist team have years of experience in working with anti-intrusion software, integrating comprehensive solutions into organisations across a range of industries.

We understand just how detrimental persistent threats on your business can be, therefore we provide solutions that prevent these, and other threats, from impacting your business. This mean hackers are unable to access your network and data and your business can continue to run optimally.

Cyber Essentials Certified 

Nowadays, almost every company has some form of I.T. network or infrastructure which supports their business processes. Perhaps you’ve got someone on the staff who keeps an eye on I.T. but you may not have someone permanently assigned to keeping it in good shape such as an I.T. solutions company. Whether you have a permanent I.T. Manager or not, the audit service we have to offer here at Tecchies I.T. solutions is designed to give you an occasional sense-check of what shape you’re in and, more importantly, what you could do to stay in good shape.

When you book an I.T. audit from Tecchies, we’ll spot the things which could make your system work harder for you and the things which could let you down without much warning and ruin your day.

As the number one I.T. solutions company in Lancashire, we’re not tied to any of the hardware or software manufacturers, we’ll be straight forward when we share our thoughts with you and it won’t cost you a penny…

To book your free, no obligation I.T. audit, please fill in the following form. A Tecchie will be in touch to tell you all you need to know regarding what our I.T. audit has to offer.

I.T. & Cyber Security Audit


We have extensive experience in providing networking services to our clients

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I.T. & Cyber Security Audit


Our cyber security specialists will diagnose threats, vulnerabilities and risk

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I.T. & Cyber Security Audit


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I.T. & Cyber Security Audit


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