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Hosted Exchange

Mailbox solutions for your business


Hosted Exchange for your business

Exchange is a UK cloud-based email with a generous 125GB storage per mailbox, plus free email signatures with each user. With this programme you can be confident your emails will be reliable, year-round. Whether there are 3 users or 300, Hosted Exchange doesn’t waiver in reliability.

Emails are a vital part of communication for any business, therefore it is essential that you can feel confident in your mail box.

Cost-effective mailbox management

As exchange was previously reliant on a physical server, it was often not an option for small to medium sized businesses due to the cost. However, with Hosted Exchange your emails are installed and managed via a cloud solution.

This ensures your users have access to a large range of features and benefits, without the added cost of purchasing hardware.


Why choose Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is an extremely versatile and scalable solution which is ideal for businesses of varying sizes. We have integrated exchange for several of our clients, all of which are now reaping the benefits of the highly reliable hosted email solution.

There are copious benefits of working with Hosted Exchange, including the following:


Reliability is often the most common reason for businesses switching over to exchange. Hosted on our highly secure servers, your email is always accessible for your users – wherever they are trying to access from.


As a cloud-based solution the options for storage are endless, plus as we are specialists in cyber security, you can feel confident that the way your data is stored exceeds the standards required. We provide a range of storage options which mean you won’t be limited in terms of user numbers and mailbox capabilities.


Hosted Exchange boasts about its options in terms of number of users, as your business grows so can your mailbox platform. You won’t outgrow exchange, instead it can be a platform you will continue to rely on as your company develops.

Remote working

As the popularity of flexible and remote working increases, your business must be able to meet demand. With Hosted Exchange, users can access their emails wherever they are, so no disruption to productivity or workflow needs to occur when working away from the office.


As there is now no requirement for the purchasing of servers or licenses, Hosted Exchange can be an extremely cost-effective mailbox option for your business. With a variety of pricing options available, our team will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

Speak to us

If you would like to know more about Hosted Exchange and the difference it can make for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We have years of experience in working with the platform and have an extensive knowledge of how to utilise exchange for your business. To speak to a member of our team call us on 0333 222 4022 or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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