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Server Support and Installation Services

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Business I.T. Services

Business I.T. Support and Services

Take it from Tecchies even the best laid plans sometimes fail, unfortunately they usually fail when either…

A. You least expect it
B. When you absolutely don’t want them to
C. A and B at the same time.

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Business I.T. Services

I.T. is in our DNA

As an experienced I.T. services company, we have an extensive knowledge of solving I.T. related issues and problems. We also specialise in building strong I.T. infrastructures within businesses of varying sizes. Whatever your requirements our team are here to help.

Business I.T. Services

No industry jargon

We keep things simple. No technical jargon or complex explanations, we talk in your language and ensure you fully understand the work we’ll be carrying out for you. We work with clients throughout the UK and pride ourselves on offering a simple and effective service every time.

Business I.T. Services

Specialist advice

Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective business telephone solution or have an ongoing issue with hardware or networking issues – get in touch. As specialists in I.T. and telecoms, you can feel confident when working with our reliable team.

I.T. Super Heroes

The good news is our I.T. super heroes offer remote I.T. support that gets you back up and running in no time. So why not save your fists and that expensive IKEA desk and let us support your I.T. We are specialists in remote PC, server and network repairs, along with all kinds of I.T. hardware and software including operating systems. We work across both Windows and Apple Mac platforms.

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Business I.T. Services

Honest and reliable Business I.T. Services. Our first aim is to discover and solve your problem by working remotely; if it’s not possible to do this, we’ll get a Tecchie to your site within 6 working hours. Tecchies I.T. support run a 24 hour call service for I.T. support so you can contact us during out of office hours if the need arises, making our services of remote I.T. support in Burnley or anywhere else in the county the most versatile out there!

Our many experiences in I.T. support tells us that most I.T. emergencies are down to poor planning, mis-guided specification or technology that’s past its sell-by date. We’d much rather help you plan to avoid such emergencies in future with our sensational services in remote PC support, so talk to us about our I.T. maintenance support service.

Don’t call your technology a $@*!, call a Tecchie instead on 0333 222 4022.

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Business I.T. Services


We have extensive experience in providing networking services to our clients

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Business I.T. Services


Our cyber security specialists will diagnose threats, vulnerabilities and risk

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Business I.T. Services


Our disaster recovery solution can have your system up and running

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Business I.T. Services


Server error or failure can be detrimental to a business

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