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Starting A New Business? Tecchies IT Can Help!

Starting A New Business? Tecchies IT Can Help!

For all business start-ups, it can be a considerably stressful time setting up your own company. Examples include long hours, almost certain setbacks and at times, it can be lonely. Another stressful scenario you may find yourself in, if you don’t know what you’re doing is setting up IT related systems. Fortunately for you, Tecchies offer phenomenal IT business support in Preston and across the whole of Lancashire covering a variety of different aspects of IT. Whether your new business requires IT business support in Preston, Burnley or Blackburn, we will cross the county to assist you and your business.

Opting for Tecchies for your computer support in Preston and across Lancashire will eliminate the stress of setting up IT systems for your new business. The areas we can help include:

  • Installing/setting up professional business phone systems.
  • Providing professional business computers and laptops alongside all additional accessories.
  • Setting up resilient antivirus software for your business computers.
  • Providing you with a domain and URL for your website as well as all relevant email addresses for members of the team.
  • Setting up file storage and management software (we use Dropbox).
  • Back up for your essential files and folders.
  • Managing your printing requirements.

With all these services, we offer you our expertise and knowledge so you ensure your receiving the highest level of support. As well as these aspects, we also offer four main services.

You Needn’t Look Elsewhere For Computer Support In Preston

Clockwork– If you’re wanting your IT systems to be working at 100% all the time (and why wouldn’t you), our clockwork service is perfect for you and your business.

Masterplan– Our Masterplan service not only provides you with the right tools to grow, we also offer the platform that will assist in the growth of your business.

Special– Our ‘special’ computer support in Preston and across Lancashire is for those with a unique project in mind.

Oh **I.T.!!– This service works remotely to determine your problem and if unsuccessful, a Tecchie will be at your site within 6 business hours.

All kinds of businesses seeking IT business support in Preston and across Lancashire have truly benefited from Tecchies IT support and you can too. By operating across the whole county, there is no need to look elsewhere for computer support in Preston or computer support in Burnley for example.


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