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DrayTek routers – never lose internet connection again!

DrayTek routers - never lose internet connection again!

Everything these days is revolved around the cloud. Most of your business services will be backed up in the cloud or require an active internet connection in order to function. This makes the need for a reliable Internet connection more important than ever! Fear not, we have a plan and just incase that doesn’t work we have a plan B and C as well!

We have recently installed the new DrayTek Vigor 2860Ln router and we love it! DrayTek’s award winning Vigor routers are designed with business requirements in mind, and the 2860Ln may not come with a shiny coat of paint, but it does have plenty of useful additions that business users may need. Perhaps the most noteworthy function of the new router is the ability to insert a SIM card into it allowing a 3G/4G Internet connection where previously a USB dongle would have been required. Should your main Internet connection fail, the router will automatically switch over to the 3G/4G connection.

DrayTek have developed their routers to allow numerous alternative ways to keep you connected to the Internet should you encounter a problem.  The routers support various connection options as well as several failover capabilities.

By using two 2860Ln routers paired together with a single ADSL/VDSL line, in the event of one router failing the second router would automatically takeover.  Both routers have exactly the same configuration so no changes would need to be made nor would cables have to be swapped over; the process would be seamless.

The only weakness in the first scenario is if there is a problem with the line or the ISP there would still be no Internet connection.  Again, Draytek have this covered.  By using two routers and two broadband connections.  Therefore if either router fails the other one can connect to the Internet, and likewise is one broadband connection fails the other one can be used.

Taking this further, in the event that both broadband connections were to fail, if using a 3G/4G SIM card in the routers, the Internet connection would transfer over to the mobile network, allowing you to maintain an Internet connection whilst you repair the faults.

So as you can see if your business cannot survive without an Internet connection, and let’s face it most can’t, then the latest DrayTek routers have the solution to keep you connected.

If you would like more information about how you can stay connected, then call us, we would be more than happy to help you find the right solution to fit your business and budget!





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