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The Cloud – What is it?

The Cloud - What is it?

“Just stick it up in the cloud”    “we backup to the cloud”    “we get our email off the cloud”

These are all statements i guess u have heard over the last year. So what do they
mean and more importantly what do they mean to u and ur business?
Well let’s take it one step at a time.

Before u ever consider any cloud based services u must must MUST check ur
broadband speed as this will kill any cloud services stone dead before u have even
started to use them so make sure that u have a good solid, fast and reliable connection
(we can do this for u of course!)

The Cloud another name for the internet, although we all know what the internet is we all know
that bad things go on there so the marketing bods came up with the cloud as an alternative
“its soft and fluffy” “not big and nasty” like the Internet and that’s it!
The cloud is another name for the internet!! ok so we have got that one out of the way.

You can use the Cloud/internet for many things one of which is off site backup of ur data
(u don’t take your backup off site? Hmmm WELL YOU SHOULD and from this day on you must!!)
so you have been offered an offsite cloud backup solution will it do the job? as we said
above make sure you have got your broadband tested and that it has the capacity to deliver
what you need no point trying to back up 10Gb of data over a 500K broadband line would be
like trying to paint the Forth Rail Bridge and would never work! all so if u need that
important file back that was deleted last week and its 5Mb and your broadband is
SSSSSlllllllooooowwwwww then that’s not ideal position to be in we would also recommend
that you do keep a copy of your backup locally too just so u can get the
kids homework back asap and you can get back to more important things.

So what else can you do with the cloud/internet? well the next most important thing is email right?
and u need it everywhere? on everything? Oh well that’s possible if you so wish and u want dairies too?
and shared email addresses and distribution groups too yup all achievable from a hosted exchange provider
(guess what! we at Tecchies are one! have been for 5 years and yes we use it for our own email too)

The email you send us goes to our hosted exchange provider and all our devices that we have pick up that
email so if one does not work (very rarely) we can always
read the email on another device and replay to that email too on that device.

So just to recap the Cloud is the internet
(ask any IT bod to draw you a picture of the internet – guess what they will draw a cloud!)
there are lots of services that can be run from the Cloud/internet but you MUST check your broadband first.

As always were happy to help so do give us a call and get some professional advice
before you end up with you head in the clouds and your business stuck in the mud

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