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Tecchies Road Show

Tecchies Road Show

The Tecchies have been very busy this week talking to people!!……Yes!! that’s right they left their keyboards and mice behind and went and talked face to face with REAL live people.

Now you might ask why is that? Well let me tell you a little secret! Shhhhhh and don’t tell anyone!! it’s  that no computer can survive without a HUMAN!!! yes so true!! but sometime we all forget this and make the computer out to be the boss!

Let me tell you that there is no computer that can get one over on our TECCHIES  that’s for sure!

So…… going back to what we were up to this week. We attended two events to promote our services, and your thinking  that there would be PowerPoint presentations, Notebooks, Tablets, and possibly a ipad or 3. Well no not a single one!! yes that’s right when the TECCHIES hit the road they go naked! (with our white coats) but it’s  to talk, and more importantly to listen to people after all its us humans that uses the technology.

So why do we go forth where no TECCHIES have gone before?

Oh that’s easy if us as humans want to get the best out of our technology (and let’s face it  can be very expensive stuff) we as humans need some reprogramming otherwise how will we ever know what the potential is for us to utilise the technology in our businesses? We at TECCHIES know this and love to help business get more from the technology a business has rather than sell more!….. yup were happy to help!!!

What did we cover?

One thing that we did cover was “The Cloud” now not allot of people know this, but the simplest way to describe the cloud is call it the internet! yes folks that’s all it is those marketers don’t like the nasty old internet but love the soft and fluffy cloud so where ever you see the cloud read internet and you won’t go far wrong.

That’s all for us at TECCHIE Towers this week but remember, if its technology then  TECCHIES can tackle it.

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