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Sage Software Update

Sage Software Update

I am sure by now you will all be fed up of reading and hearing about Windows 10! So given that a change is as good as a rest, we thought that we would tell you about the Sage update instead!

Sage is one of the most popular accounting packages on the market with over 800,000 UK businesses using Sage. Sage have recently launched Version 22 of their software which introduces great new features to make processing easier, such as more flexible corrections, extra customisable fields and improved on-screen aged balance analysis. There’s also a new, secure, bank feeds service, which links Sage 50 Accounts to your live bank account data, making it easier to keep your bank records up to date. Sounds great we hear you say…. just before you jump in there and upgrade, there are a few tweaks that Sage have made to the way the software is stored on your network that you should just check over before you go ahead.

With V22 Sage have made a significant change to where your data can be stored, which will affect those of you that use cloud storage or external storage rather than using a network server. Many SME’s now use external storage devices such as a NAS drive or cloud storage to hold the day to day data for their business, unfortunately this hasn’t been considered in the V22 update and you can no longer run the most up to date version of the Sage package without making a few tweaks! Sage have now made it a requirement of the update that one of the components must be installed on a machine sharing the data or on a server which then rules out the possibility of just running the external drives as extra storage or using cloud storage.

Us Tecchies however hate to be defeated so we have been looking at various different ways to get around this without going to the expense of forking out for a server! The good news is we have cracked it and you can keep your pennies safely in your pockets! There is an easy and cost effective way to keep your current storage plan and still get full access to the updates new features, want to know more…. Call us 0333 4022 222.

As with the Windows 10 update (Yep, we mentioned it again), we are offering a fixed price upgrade installation of Sage V22, if you need our help just let us know!

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