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Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business

Need to store your files safely and securely?

Need your team to be able to access files remotely?

Want to be able to control which files staff can access?

Retrieve unlimited versions of files and recover files?

Want to track user activity?

Then you need Dropbox for Business! Our Tecchie team happen to know a bit about Dropbox for Business as we are one of the few accredited Dropbox for Business suppliers in the North West. Dropbox can seriously transform the way you run your business, its easy to use, very reasonably priced and has lots of added extra’s which can change the way you store your business data for the better.

Dropbox is essentially a cloud storage solution for your business which allows you to store as much data as your team needs and is priced per user for an unlimited quota of storage, however its the added extra’s are what makes Dropbox’s business solution such an amazing product.

File recovery

Dropbox not only allows you to save the current version of a file but also allows you to restore unlimited previous versions of files within a few simple steps, making it much easier for you to look back at previous contracts, quotes etc, files can even be retrieved if they were previously deleted meaning you never have to lose a document ever again.

Password Protection

Dropbox allows you to store files securely within a communal area, files can be password protected so that only certain users can gain access. Not only can secure individual files but you can also create user groups within Dropbox that will allow you to give certain departments within your business access to relevant folders but keep these private from the rest of the company.

Check team activity

Dropbox for business comes with an admin dashboard which allows you to view connected devices so see if your team members are connected when working from home and monitor team activity so you will be notified each team a document is updated by a user.

Remote wipe

This is a great feature of Dropbox and it allows you to have that added piece of mind if a piece of equipment where to be stolen or an issue arise with a member of staff. You can remotely wipe a device from any location and keep all your company

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