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Domains: whose are they?

Domains: whose are they?

We just thought we’d go back over some old ground about domains. Just so that we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, the domain that a business rents either yearly or two yearly, is never actually owned by the business. Yes that’s true folks! So when the renwal comes around either yearly or two yearly, and you don’t pay the renewal you will loose the right to use that particular domain. Extremely embarrassing especially as you will also loose any webpages you had stored against this domain and you will not be able to send or receive any email that relates to that domain.

So why have we said this? we have some instances in the past where the domain is not registered to the business, it could be registered to the web page designers who have worked on the webpages on behalf of the business. So the scenario is the web page designer goes bust, the renewal notice goes to the web page designer and what happens? there is no-one there to renew the domain and the domain is lost.

How do we overcome this problem? the domain should ALWAYS be registered in the name of the business that is using it (registrant) this ensures that any renewals, techincal problems will be referred to the business and not to a third party.

If all this seems like Gobbledygook then why not phone up Tecchies so we can explain the situation and give you First class quality advice.

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