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Anti-Virus V’s Anti-Malware

Anti-Virus V's Anti-Malware

Every one of us who uses a computer has some form of Anti-Virus on it to protect it. Right? If not then look forwards to some sleepless nights, hacked identity and money out of your bank. Most of us who have Anti-Virus Software just sit back and let it work it’s magic and think nothing of it. “What very few of us actually realise is that Virus’s are very rarely seen nowadays.” said the Cheif Technologist of Tecchies in a recent Q and A session, he further reminisced “I remember a certain virus that came out and when you were typing a document in Microsoft Word. It caused some of the letters to fall to the bottom of the screen not a good thing to find on a monday morning!” he added further “We’re seeing more and more Malware or Spyware that clients have picked up unwittingly. Cybercriminals are now implanting it in the most innocent of websites” What he also reveals is that not ALL Anti-Virus Software has Anti-Malware built into it. He recommends getting Anti-Malware Software, installing it and then running it just as regularly as your Anti-Virus Software. “What your Anti-Virus Software doesn’t find, your Anti-Malware Software will and vice versa.”

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