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4G is coming!

4G is coming! - Tecchies - IT Support Lancashire - IT Services & Telecoms

4G is coming! Mind you, so is Christmas! But what’s in it for business? And how can we use it?

So what is it?
It’s just a way of devices attaching wirelessly to the internet using the mobile network, plain and simple.

Why do we need it?
The mobile data network is chocca and you will have experienced this if you’re trying to order flowers for your Mum’s birthday on your mobile at the last minute, not a good feeling.

What do I have to do to get it?
It’s already there! But as all good things it’s limited by geographical area. We’re just waiting for the devices to arrive that can tap into it (enter stage left iPhone 5!).

What do I need to watch out for?
Bigger bills! As it’s a new service, the providers will be charging high prices for the service and, if you’re a web junky, a big expensive bill for data usage.

What’s your advice?
Well if loads of people move off onto the 5GHz band (oops! Sorry a bit of TECCHIE talk there!) and you sit pretty on the 2.5Ghz band and order your Mum’s flowers the day before, you might get a lift in performance and no cost! As everybody and their dog has moved off onto the new service.

We at TECCHIES would recommend that you carry on just as you are and keep an eye on the cost and the availability of the service. When it’s more mature (a bit like a good cheese) then that’s the time to move over.

The morel of the story:- Be at the cutting edge of technology, not the bleeding edge!

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